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  • I own a venue in central PA. Can we host an art event here?
    Yes! We are excited to partner with a variety of venues. Want to increase the number of visitors to your farm? Do you have a different type of venue? A restaurant or winery? A car dealership? An ice cream shop? Sure! Let's talk! We can customize our art experience for your customer and are open to lots of creative ideas!
  • Can I host a private event at my home? Or for the group I lead?
    Yes! We are willing to host private events either at a home or another identified location. Contact us for details!
  • What type of events do you have?
    Kaleidoscope PA offers a variety of curated events relating to art and wellness. We partner with venues across central PA, including farms, community centers, and wineries. Art activities include watercolor, art journaling, acrylic painting, and more! All have a wellness component, focusing on positive psychology and mindfulness.
  • What are your classes like? Can I take them alone?
    Our classes are unique art experiences where everyone will come away with a unique creation. They are different from traditional "sip and paint" classes where everyone paints the same thing. Instead, some instruction is provided, a few ideas for art are shared, and then participants are encouraged to be creative and paint whatever they would like! Many people come with friends or a partner, but this is not at all necessary. All are welcome at our classes, whether coming alone or as a group.
  • Are children allowed to take your classes?
    Sometimes! This depends on the venue and theme. If alcohol is involved, children are not allowed. Some venues place an age restriction which will be listed in the registration. We do recommend that children be at least 10 years old and able to be well-behaved during the class.
  • What are the requirements for venues to offer art events?
    Kaleidoscope PA is fully insured. We ask that venues also have insurance in case of the unexpected. Other than that, we love creative ideas and beautiful spaces, both outside and inside. As long as there is a restroom for guests, we likely will be able to find a fun and interesting idea for an art event!
  • Is art really helpful for mental health?
    YES! There is an abundance of research that shows that making art, in a variety of formats, can have beneficial effects on mental health and wellness. There are many studies that show that even simple activities, such as doodling, can have physiological changes in the brain that are related to positive psychological effects. Want to learn more? I highly recommend the book, "Your Brain on Art" by Susan Magsamen and Ivy Ross which provides an in depth investigation of what happens in your brain during the creation process.
  • Are these classes a form of therapy?
    Creating art can be beneficial for mental wellbeing and positive mental health, but are NOT substitutions for mental health therapy or pharmaceuticals. If you are experiencing significant mental health challenges, we strongly encourage you to contact a qualified medical professional. Classes at Kaleidoscope PA are another tool in your mental health toolbox, but do not replace beneficial therapy or other treatments that your doctor may recommend. Additionally, these are not considered art therapy sessions. The instructors are well qualified in educational psychology and wellness principles, but are not licensed therapists or counselors. We may use similar techniques as art therapists, but for more in-depth mental health interventions, please consult a physician.
  • How do you integrate wellness into your art classes?
    Wellness is integrated in a variety of ways, depending on the course venue and topic. Sometimes, we start the class with a meditation, to focus on our own mindfulness and setting an intention during the class. Being outside among nature also helps to bring in wellness. Other classes, such as art journaling, are entirely dedicated to mental wellbeing. All classes weave in positive psychology elements, such as promoting growth mindset.
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